"Devratna T20" League & Players Terms:-

"Devratna T20" Cricket Premiere League Terms:

  1. "Devratna T20 is Private Cricket League" in India organised by private body i.e UGMONEY.
  2. This will be a Biggest League Match is for Cricket Players under the age group of 16-23 years.
  3. Total 5 teams are participating in this League match from all over India.
  4. The 5 Playing Teams are Hi-Riders, Gladiators, Game-Changers, Knockers, & Fighters,
  5. Devratna T20 Premiere League Coverage will be live/publish on “Sports Channels, News Channels, FM Radio Channels, Social Media & Bloggers Sites”.
  6. Maximum 10 Best Brand Partners will be our official partners
  7. Nominanted players should be students of either of the “Colleges, Cricket Academies, Institutions, or Schools from all over India”.
  8. Maximum 15 Cricket Players will be selected in the final trial round for each team.
  9. Final-15 Cricket Players will be selected from winner’s team on performance & rating basis from 20+ Trial matchesin front of selectors.
  10. Registration Charges & Trial Charges for the cricket players are absolutely nil in this tournament.
  11. Trial Match Fees are INR 1,000/- Per match with total of 30 Overs Match. One Player can play max 2 Match for selection process.
  12. Total 14 league matches will be played in this series.
  13. League will be done between the months of Sept-17-Nov-17.
  14. Devratna T20 Cricket Advisory Board Members will conduct the selection of players.
  15. Registration Form is open.